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Konferencia Mars Society vo Warsave, 22-23 oktober 2010.
Convention Program Highlights

* Opening speech by Dr Robert Zubrin
* MIRIAM test flight - the Archimedes Mars Balloon (Mars Society Deutschland)
* CHOMIK- the Polish Phobos ground penetrator for the Russian Phobos Grunt Mission (Space Research Centre of the Polish Academy of Sciences)
* Methane Rocket Fuels – Technology Update (Space Technology Lab of the Aviation Institute in Warsaw)
* MAGMA - The Successful Polish URC Mars Rover
* Space Mission Funding – A Media-Focused Approach Test Project
* Internet Communication Platforms: Solutions for NGO’s and the European Space Community
* A Walk on Mars with the RODM Algorithm: Explore a 3D Map of Mars with a Joystick

MarsVR - Virtual Reality Platform To Support Exploring Mars